technology developed in collaboration with philips offers a practical means of creating the OLED sunroof concept developed by BASF

chemical manufacturers BASF and technology innovators philips have just developed a form of OLED technology for car roofs that functions as both lighting and a sunroof, capable of also integrating with solar cells to generate its power. the design turns some of the features showcased in BASF’s ‘smart forvision’ concept, presented at the 2011 frankfurt motor show, into a practical possibility.

the system is transparent when the lighting is switched off, but provides warm-toned interior lighting at night. its hexagonal shape offers interesting design possibilities, while the high efficiency of OLED lights means that all required energy (plus additional electricity for the vehicle) can be obtained by including transparent solar cells in the modules.

solar powered OLED transparent car roof view of the cells used as lighting (left) and semi-transparent (right)

solar powered OLED transparent car roof progression view of the cells, from left to right: completely transparent, used for shading, utilized as lighting

video showcasing the OLED technology in a ‘smart forvision’ concept developed by BASF

solar powered OLED transparent car roof top view of a concept sunroof, made a practical possibility by the new technology

via cnet