brighten each and every room with the solenica lucy adaptive mirror
all images courtesy of solenica






the ’lucy’ adaptive mirror by solenica will follow the sun, always reflecting it on the same spot all day long. it can be placed anywhere and is designed to be positioned outdoors and indoors. through an algorithm based on positioned photosensors, the solar powered glass sphere can redirect sunlight wherever the user needs it. the project was devised by diva tommei to help with her own season affective disorder. very common in countries with low amounts of autumn and winter sunlight, where depression is associated with the lack of light. together with designer alessio paoletti and business partner mattia di stasi, they plan to build a company around the empowerment of happiness and health through design and technology, with hopes that the solenica ‘lucy’ will be the first to do so. 

solenica-lucy-sun-light-designboom-02place the mirror to fill other rooms with light


video courtesy of solenica


solenica-lucy-sun-light-designboom-03the mirror is protected with a glass dome 


solenica-lucy-sun-light-designboom-04the mirror pivots according the light 


solenica-lucy-sun-light-designboom-05the photo sensor are above the mirror