sony tames complexity of multiple remote controls with programmable huis platform 
all images courtesy of sony japan




each piece of household electronics comes with its own remote that floods families with complexity. sony japan wants to cure this problem with the ‘huis’ remote controller that tames the disorder. accompanied by complete customization, the remote will display only the necessary buttons for each household device. through simple gesture screen switching, the ‘huis’ will smoothly work simultaneously with many electronics at once using both infrared and bluetooth connectivity. 


video courtesy of sony JP




escaping high resolution screens, the sony ’huis’ shows information through an electronic paper display that is constantly on without the use of power. in addition, the remote includes accelerated motion sensing technology to quickly start commands in any room. the shape of the ‘huis’ made from PC-ABS resin complements the user-friendly screen with a flat top panel and an accompanied back plate that is slightly curved for a more comfortable grip. when not in use, the bottom is formed to act as a stand. the sony ‘huis’ remote controller is only available in japan and was made possible through the company’s ‘first flight’ crowd-sourcing platform. 

sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-02the ‘huis’ is 123 mm by 68 mm in sizesony-huis-remote-control-designboom-03simply directing each remote automatically programs the sony remotesony-huis-remote-control-designboom-04it harnesses low-energy electronic paper display   sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-05each device screen is completely customizablesony-huis-remote-control-designboom-06the thinness of the electronic display  sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-07the ‘huis’ can be programmed via a personal computersony-huis-remote-control-designboom-08the remote connects via infrared or bluetooth connectivitysony-huis-remote-control-designboom-09the bottom base acts as stand sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-10the screen never turns off sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-11the bottom is slightly curved for better grip   sony-huis-remote-control-designboom-14concept drawing