sony designs an elementary LED light bulb with a compact wireless speaker
all images courtesy of sony japan





to take advantage of micro-apartments and the hassles of installing complicating sound systems across different rooms; sony introduces a space saving LED light bulb with an integrated wireless 40mm full range 2 W speaker. the gadget is miniaturized to the size equivalent of a normal LED bulb and utilizes the traditional light bulb socket to power the bundle. it features bluetooth technology that enables smartphones, tablets or personal computers to connect wirelessly to play music. in addition to bluetooth linking, it includes an one-touch NFC remote control to adjust the volume and dimming. despite the LED light bulb being arranged in front of the speaker, sony developed a translucent optical design that achieves a wide light distribution that limits the shadow of the speaker, with capability of shining at 360 lumen. the unified light bulb – speaker will be available in japan on may 23, at a price of ¥23,880.  

adaptable to any standard light bulb socket


video courtesy of sony japan


a NFC remote control regulates the volume and light dimness


the design of the light prevents the speaker from being shielded


the installation requires no wires