next-gen sony turntable stitches analog vinyl with digital hi-res audio at CES 2016
all images courtesy of sony





vinyl is still making its way through the audio market with collectors, connoisseurs and audiophiles alike. during CES 2016, sony released the ‘PS-HX500’ hi-fi turntable aimed to offer high quality conversion of analogue vinyl signals into 24-bit WAVs or their exclusive format – DSD.

detailed look at the sony ‘PS-HX500’ during CES 2016
video courtesy of sony




just hook up the turntable to a PC or mac via USB, play a record and capture every aspect of the vinyl with native conversion software. this will allow listeners to archive precious record collections in high resolution audio to a music server or take it mobile on a smartphone. 

sony-PS-HX500-USB-record-player-designboom-02USB cable connects directly into a PC or mac




the fresh design integrates a shell type straight tonearm that improves durability and stabilizes the cartridge for superior focusing and dimensionality of sound, while its lightweight structure improves traceability. the sony turntable uses an optimized spindle bearing construction that stabilizes the belt drive to achieve natural sound reproduction. the sony ‘PS-HX500’ turntable will hit shelves in spring 2016. 

sony-PS-HX500-USB-record-player-designboom-03audio sony-PS-HX500-USB-record-player-designboom-04the newly designed integrated shell type tonearm

sony-PS-HX500-USB-record-player-designboom-05the back panel with cover