sony smart tennis sensor analyzes and shares performance data
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the sony ‘smart tennis sensor’ (SSE-TN1W) enables tennis players of all levels to analyze and optimize their game, and to also share their performances through their phones or tablets. the device fits securely and discretely at the bottom of the racket, and is compatible with select models by manufacturers such as wilson, prince and yonex. using sensing technologies and vibration analysis mechanics the shot count, ball impact spot, swing speed, ball speed and ball spin is all recorded as well as different swing types such as, topspin, slice, volleys, smashes and serves for either forehands or backhands. the player’s data is spontaneously visualized through an iOS and android application that the monitor wirelessly connects to via bluetooth, and can simultaneously display videos with shot metrics.


the sony ‘smart tennis sensor’ is a winner of the 2014 good design award.


the application and use of the ‘smart tennis sensor’
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weighing approximately 8grams and measuring 31.3mm in diameter, the IP65 waterproof/dustproof rated and international tennis federation (ITF) approved sensor minimizes its impact on the standard of play and has a memory mode that enables up to 12,000 shots of internal storage. this means that they can download the data and then publish it on social media sites even if the user forgets their smartphone or tablet.  turning single and double player matches into an instant sharable experience can increase motivation as a strive for improvement is established. the sensor can be charged using an accompanying cradle where the indicator lamp is red when it is charging and turns off when fully energized.


“sony is a company which aims to enhance customers’ daily lives by offering products, applications and services which inspire and fulfill their curiosity,” said furumi hideyuki, SVP, the president of UX & product strategy group, UX, product strategy and creative platform, sony corporation. “through working with our partners in the tennis racket market, sony will offer its smart tennis sensor, to all levels of tennis players ranging from beginners to experts and is very excited about the prospect of enriching tennis with this new experience.”





“wilson is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor and marketing partner with sony on this important tennis technology advancement,” said mike dowse, president of wilson sporting goods co. “as a leader in tennis for more than 100 years, wilson has always been at the forefront of sport innovation and is dedicated to providing the best technologies to athletes of all levels. in some cases we build that innovation, but we also seek out partners, like sony, who have developed innovation that we view as best in class.” 

the application can simultaneously record videos and display shot metrics




“we are very excited about our new partnership with sony. at prince we have built our brand around helping tennis players improve their game through innovative product design, so partnering with another brand who believes in a similar philosophy makes perfect sense for us,” said tyler herring, vice president of product development, prince global sports. “by allowing players to analyze their game with advanced data collection tools like the sony’s smart tennis sensor, we believe that the racquet selection process becomes much easier which is the key to having success on the tennis court.”


“as of may, yonex has had great success in introducing sony’s smart tennis sensor exclusively within japan. this product has brought a new enjoyment to the game and has stirred strong praise among many tennis fans in japan,” said manji kanemasu, assistant general manager of global marketing. “as the smart tennis sensor expands globally, it will surely bring about a fun new experience to tennis fans all over the world.” 

your smart device shows the vast amount of analyzed performance data




the results can be shared on social media as a fun method for motivation