sony waterproof walkman adds the remote ring to control your music
images courtesy of sony




the sony waterproof walkman headphones ‘NWZ-WS610’ series adds a bluetooth remote ring to enable the wearer to control their music more freely when active. as shown before, the water-resistant MP3 player features a lightweight, wrap-around headband that will hold tight when you are running or when you are swimming. the new built-in headset functions with NFC and wireless connectivity in order to make listening easy via streamed songs from your mobile. it can be submerged in water up to 2 meters in depth – not just in a water bottle – but the command pad is only splash-proof, meaning it can be used for any sport par swimming. the addition frees the wearer to train hard with no interruptions because they can dictate what to listen to with the multi-control buttons.





with a quick three minute power up, the sony walkman headphones can play for one hour and overall, has a battery life of seven. cleverly, the wire-free and wearable, all-in-one headset can also take hands-free calls, thanks to the built-in mic, with the featured controls makes it easy to govern. the music is ready to go wherever you are, by simply dragging and dropping your tunes from you PC onto the walkman. the remote enables the user to now switch more freely betweens songs, whilst still on the run.

the command remote enables simple shuffling between tracks


the ring works when the user cannot easily access the headphones’ built-in controls


the product is ideal for runners who desire to switch between songs


the walkman is compatible with androids and iphones


the NWZ-WS610 series color options