sony has partnered with yamaha to create an autonomous cart concept that double’s up as a mobile advertising board. the SC-1 sociable cart is designed for entertainment purposes including theme parks, golf courses and ‘commercial facilities.’


the all-electric cart seats five people and reaches a top speed of 12mph. replaceable batteries and uses additional image sensors to improve its situational awareness. the SC-1 fuses yamaha motor’s autonomous driving technology and sony’s entertainment imaging technology.


it features several ultra-high sensitivity image sensors and cameras on board to read its surrounding, allowing for safe operation. these sensors and cameras combined with the high-resolution display installed inside the vehicle allow the passengers to see their surroundings at night even without the need for headlights.

sony and yamaha design driverless cart that doubles up as mobile advertising board

images courtesy of yamaha



inside, a 49-inch 4k monitor on the inside provides a mixed reality view of the world, while four 55-inch 4k displays on the outside show passers-by ads and other material. using artificial intelligence, the cart can determine certain demographics of passers-by and optimize promos based on factors like age and gender.


the SC-1 sociable cart also features a 2D LiDAR system and ultrasonic sensors on-board, which work to accumulate travel data for deep learning analysis. this will support optimized driving and ensure a safer travel experience. furthermore, it is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes at all four wheels, double wishbone suspension to the front and link-type suspension at the back.


the two companies expect to use the sociable cart for services in japan sometime in 2019 or by march 2020.


project info


company: yamaha / SONY

model: SC-1 cart