on april 11, 2019 spaceX launched the falcon heavy rocket with three rockets boosters. within a few fiery minutes and seconds, the rocket took off, released the boosters and like darts they fell to land on three bullseyes — two in cape canaveral, and one on a landing pad in the atlantic ocean. this hat trick of atmospheric proportions is a first for spacex as they continue to broadcast footage of their failures and successes. 

spacex rocket landing
all images courtesy of spacex



spacex’s falcon heavy rocket is undergoing its first customer launch and of course, they had to show off. it’s mission is simple enough — send a communications satellite for saudi arabia into orbit above earth — but for spacex it’s just another opportunity to flex its innovative chops. all three rocket boosters were updated this launch to spacex’s latest technology, known as block 5. watching the footage back feels more from something out a movie — a testament not only to the poetic style in which spacex launches their rockets, but in their ability to record it all for us to admire, gawk, judge, resent, enjoy, etc.

spacex rocket landing spaceX landed all three falcon heavy rocket boosters, a hat trick of atmospheric proportions