say goodbye to ‘joyless’ car rides, says specialized


‘Everyday car trips are short, joyless, hard on your wallet, and even harder on the planet. But fear not: Way better rides are on the way,’ promises Specialized in an announcement published on Tuesday (May 10th). The California-based bicycle experts are launching a new brand extension of e-bikes called ‘Globe’ that hopes to replace the need for cars on daily journeys.


Specialized said the company offshoot will focus on ‘bringing more fun to local living while reducing the number of car, truck, and SUV trips needed for everyday transportation.’

specialized announces new e-bike brand 'globe' to move you and your things
image courtesy of Specialized



Although no firm details of the new bikes have yet been released, we do know that they will be high performance electric vehicles with accessories to transport ‘you, your family, and your things.’ The one image that has been revealed shows an electric bicycle equipped with four bike bags big enough to carry groceries from the supermarket, or cacti. 


Specialized has also hinted that the models will be affordable and that riders will benefit from bike servicing. The company said in its statement, ‘Specialized’s purpose is to harness the power of the bicycle to pedal the planet forward. Globe will help us deliver on that promise in a new and more accessible way. We’ll do this through a commitment to lifetime value and affordability with the products that we create, the way that we reach and communicate with new riders, and through our continued partnership with independent local bike shops who don’t currently benefit from the growth of direct-to-consumer exclusive brands. Globe will harness the power of the Specialized ecosystem to provide everyday riders with the widest nationwide network of sales and service opportunities.’


Orders for Globe e-bikes will begin from late 2022, with the first ones delivered in early 2023. However, the rides will be available exclusively to the US market at first so you’ll have to wait a little longer if you’re based elsewhere. Check out the teaser Globe website here



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