the ‘splinterbike quantum’ is composed entirely of wood and glue, with no other materials

designed by UK enthusiast michael thompson, the ‘splinterbike quantum’ is a working bicycle composed entirely of wood and glue, lacking even bolts and screws. the craft is thompson’s third all-wood bicycle, featuring design improvements culled from the development of the speed-record breaking ‘splinterbike two’.

the ‘quantum’ is composed of 88 individual CNC-cut components. thompson notes that the CAD drawings were prepared over 120 hours, milled in 40, and assembled over the course of about 400 hours.

the bike’s handlebars are actually broom handles, although unlike the ‘splinterbike two’ they are styled as ‘aerobars’ for a lower-bent, more streamlined riding position. the self-lubricating bushings are fashioned from donated wooden bowls.

224 teeth on the six pliCog gears offer a speed of 33.3 kilometers per hour based on a rider cadence of 100, and 567 kilometers per hour at a spring cadence of 170. the gear ratio has been reduced from 4:1 to 2.5:1 to generate less wear on the plywood gear teeth.

the tires are composed of hybrid polymer glue, taking five weeks to set hard enough to maintain their shape when the bike is ridden.

splinterbike quantum all wood bicycle top view render

assembling the monocoque of the ‘splinterbike quantum’

several of the design changes used in the ‘quantum’ will be reflected in the ‘splinterbike three‘, being produced for intended speed trials in summer/autumn 2012.

splinterbike quantum all wood bicycle the new ‘quantum’ is based on the design principles of the ‘splinterbike two’, shown here

splinterbike quantum all wood bicycle detail on seat, ‘splinterbike two’

splinterbike quantum all wood bicycle detail on handlebars, ‘splinterbike two’

applying the glue to create the tires, for the ‘splinterbike three’

via gizmag