‘split’ by dae hoon jung from korea, is a shortlisted entry among over 3000 participants from our recent designboom competition ‘a life with future computing‘, organized in collaboration by FUJITSU.

designer’s own words: ‘what are the most uncomfortable things when using a laptop? probably the unsuitable size and weight of the portable personal computer. due to the improvement of a network system, most devices offer a suitable user environment. ‘split’ configures, like a well-organized student’s set of supplies, allowing users to take out the things they need and use, such as a: mouse, keyboard, pen etc. by taking out the standard hinge, ‘split’ looks more like a book. by unifying the product and case (pouch), not only the case protects the product, but it also helps in the user interface allowing one to adjust the angle of the screen and support it simultaneously. ‘split’ allows individuals to use the devices in a variety of of scenarios. when the laptop is in a bag, the user can control it by using a remote.

'split' by dae hoon jung   'FUJITSU design award 2011' the exterior of the computer is designed to look like a woman’s high-end hand bag

'split' by dae hoon jung   'FUJITSU design award 2011'

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