sproutling monitor senses, learns and predicts baby’s habits
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introducing the world’s first sensing, learning, predicting baby monitor, sproutling forecasts the sleeping pattern of an infant. the family technology company aims to make parenting less worrisome and more fun by providing easy-to-use tools that offer insights in to the well-being of their kids. the product consists of three connected devices, the first being a wearable sensor, embedded in a soft, breathable and hypoallergenic ankle band, which tracks a baby’s heart rate, skin temperature, motion and sleep position. a smart charger sits in the youth’s room and not only wirelessly energizes the ankle sensor but also monitors the environment – including room temperature, humidity, sound and light – in order to optimize the sleeping conditions for better rest. a mobile app communicates the insights gathered from analyzing the information collected by the band and the charger, and sends real-time notifications to alert the parents.


the app anticipates when the child will wake up and can be charged wire-free




the washable band comes in three sizes so that sproutling can grow with the baby. this means that throughout childhood development, parents can be notified immediately if there are significant changes in the kid’s heart rate or skin temperature, or if the newborn rolls over while sleeping. the app also enables guardians to check up anywhere, anytime, even offering warnings if they are getting a bit loud and may wake up the baby. shipping in early 2015, the monitor considers safety first as the smart sensor is encapsulated in fully-sealed medical-grade silicone and is shaped to not be a choking hazard.


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demonstrating how the monitor offers insights in to the well-being of their baby



 the soft, breathable and hypoallergenic ankle band is available in three sizes


 the smart charger monitors the environment in order to optimize the sleeping conditions for better rest