stary electrifies skateboarding to the next generation
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getting around any city be easier, but with short distances to travel a skateboard has always been a great way to swerve through streets. with stary, users can cover 10 blocks, or up to 10 miles (16 km) on a single charge with its built in lithium polymer batteries. the board itself weighs only 8.6 lbs and will be made of a layered fiberglass, bamboo, canadian maple or with an option of carbon fiber. 

the stary electric board





the main component of the stary electric skateboard are its wheels. they combine both n 5.1 N/m motor with a tiny complex gearbox that can travel at a top speed of 18.6 mph, safely brake and regenerate the onboard batteries. the skateboard is set to three different riding modes: – beginner mode, cruising mode and advanced mode. each one has a pre programmed maximum speed limit. this helps for riders who are just starting, to advanced pro skateboarders. the board comes with a remote that accurately displays speed modes and battery storage. the team at stary started a kickstarter campaign to help with production and plan to ship in september 2015. 

the remote controller 


the versatile board is lightweight


great for local commuting with a range of 10 miles (16 km


the wheels are the motors 


stary has a layered construction with fiberglass, bamboo and canadian maple wood/carbon fiber


the motor also includes a gearbox


the simply design allows for easy dismantlement 


the wheels also regenerate the onboard batteries