stefano venier’s custom diabola V65C made from moto guzzi motorcycle
images courtesy of stefano venier/donatello trevisiol




initially developed in 2012, stefano venier created the custom ‘diabola V65C’ motorcycle with the intention of keeping one of the five models to himself. however, with customers interested from venice, monza, milan, london and orlando, the limited editions have now found their homes and riders. using the basis of a 1984 moto guzzi ‘V65C’, the new bike has had everything but its tank and headlight brackets, hand-made and changed. the black gloss-painted two-wheeler has reworked chroming, firestone deluxe champion tires, club silencer mufflers and tommaselli condor handle bar, as well as new tail and turn lights. in addition to this, the transmission, engine, electrical and brake systems replace the old, and, just like the minimal control panel that aids the original veglia borletti speedo, they add to its aesthetics as well as its performance.


a close-up view of the hand-made motorbike
video courtesy of stefano venier


only five models were produced


everything has changed apart from the tank and the headlight brackets


side view of the limited edition two-wheeler




the original veglia borletti speedo and a new minimal control panel




rear view of the custom motorcycle


the rear wheel and the club silencer mufflers




the engine