stikbox protective iPhone case transforms into full-length selfie stick
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stikbox unveiled a multi-purpose apple ‘iPhone 6/6s’ and ‘6/6s plus’ case with a built-in selfie stick that easily slides out and back in, allowing users to bring out whenever they need to snap a quick photo. ‘one day I was walking through the market and I saw a stand that was selling selfie sticks and phone cases,’ explains yekutiel sherman, stikbox founder and CEO.I asked ‘why carry two things when you can carry one?’ with stikbox, users get the functionality of both a protective phone case and a selfie stick all in one, which stays with them no matter where they go.’


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selfie sticks have become a global phenomenon for its practicality, but stikbox provides a solution to the bulkiness and mobility. the 28-inch stick can simply be pulled out and easily slipped back into the smartphone case. its aluminum build makes it both tough and durable while still remaining lightweight and compact like an average phone case. instead of using a standard telescopic solution, the stikbox is composed of individual aluminum segments that cascade out to form the full length upright. the versatile design can also fold open and function as a comfortable stand for the device. the company launched a kickstarter campaign to help with manufacturing needs and plan to ship in may 2016. 

stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-02the aluminum segments cascade out stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-03the case folds out to create a stand stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-05 stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-06concept drawings of the stikbox stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-07it’s made from lightweight material stikbox-selfie-stick-smartphone-case-designboom-08