after the creation of many successful motor vehicles and watercraft concepts, italian designer pierpaolo lazzarini reveals his newest design, stratosfera. it’s an ultra-light carbon fiber sphere that can move on water, land, and in the sky. the sphere’s diameter is 1.65 meters and can accommodate up to two passengers for a unique and wonderful journey.

stratosfera 1
all images courtesy of pierpaolo lazzarini



the creation by pierpaolo lazzarini functions in the water due to an extendable foil mounted in the lower part of the sphere, allowing the submerged part to keep a very low center of gravity by incorporating all the battery packs. in the foil setup, a self-balancing system is also provided, allowing the adaptation and adjustment of the inclination of the sphere while piloting.

stratosfera 2
the foil pushes the sphere out from the water



stratosfera can be equipped with twin 150 hp electric jet engines to fly above the water surface with estimated speeds up to 30 knots. the pilot controls the vehicle through a central cloche. the same cockpit compartment can be adapted for different mobility solutions such as the stratosfera ‘volatile’ that flies at 250 km/h eVTOL or adapted to a solar-powered flying balloon.




access to stratosfera is granted from a front sliding glass or through a rooftop gate opening. the chassis can be adapted for water, land, or sky use, moreover, other variants such as submarine or snowcat are currently under development. the company jet capsule will launch stratosfera by mid-2022, the project will be an open-source reference for futuristic mobility study where it will be possible to invest directly by purchasing first units and participate actively in the development and upgrades of the sphere.

stratosfera 3
the twin electric 150 hp

stratosfera 4
the foil keeps a very low center of gravity by incorporating in its body all the battery packs

stratosfera 5
decelerating the sphere goes down



stratosfera 6
the stratosfera can accommodate 2 passengers

stratosfera 7
stratosfera can self balance 

stratosfera 8
fly above the water surface with estimated speeds up to 30 knots


stratosfera 9
stratosfera sailing


stratosfera 10
the transparent windshield works also as a display and provides routes and various information

stratosfera 11
stratosfera volatile

stratosfera 12
the solar-powered balloon



project info:


name: stratosfera

designer: lazzarini design studio


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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom