thomas meyerhoffer’s latch connected locking system conveys trust through design
all images courtesy of studio meyerhoffer




swedish-born designer thomas meyerhoffer tackles a century old method to keep doors locked with startup latch. the connected system is set above a conventional keyhole and a muted camera sits behind a rounded touch screen. using bluetooth connectivity to link with a smartphone, the uncomplicated lock records who is at the door, granted access only to pre-programmed residents. 


video courtesy of studio meyerhoffer




latch can open a door in many different ways. users can input a key code directly on the circular touch pad, use a registered smartphone or wield their key. the system creates a record of every key code entry issued, including ones for deliveries or for a dog-walker. ideal for rented apartments, new tenants simply download the app to turn their smartphones into keys. the studio created a design that is meant to inherently communicate confidence and robustness.

the latch system in pieces




‘I had three values in mind that actually subsume good design,’ explains co-founder and CDO thomas meyerhoffer. ‘latch needed to inspire an immediate trust, promise longevity and induce mindfulness. you should be able to intuitively interact with it, to feel the extraordinary care we took in your experience.’

a camera hides inside the circular touch screen 

the companion app unlocks doors through a smartphone

latch will come in three different colors 

concept drawings 
ideas expressed through lines and drawings