sudha kheterpal’s shake your power creates electricity through music
all images courtesy of sudha kheterpal




in places like kenya, where 75% of the population lives without access to electricity, having the ability to read at night or charge up a mobile phone gives people the chance of a better education and access to health services. shake your power‘ is a project conceived by sudha kheterpal about bringing clean energy to places in the world without power through the medium of music.


video courtesy of sudha kheterpal




working as a professional percussionist for over 20 years, kheterpal often wondered whether the huge amounts of energy created during performances could be harnessed and used. after her initial research, she discovered advancements and techniques in relation to harvesting kinetic energy. since then, alongside dian simpson, a product designer from the royal college of art, the musician has been developing an instrument in the form of a prototype percussion shaker called ‘spark,’ which if shaken for 12 minutes, will generate an hour’s worth of light. the project is currently being funded on kickstarter here.

sudha kheterpal shake your power electricity music
the design is enclosed by a thick band that adds stability while creating an easy-to-grip surface

sudha kheterpal shake your power electricity music
the device allows users to read at night

sudha kheterpal shake your power electricity music
spark has the ability to create music

sudha kheterpal shake your power electricity music
closeup of the light source



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