the ‘passing on project’, an interactive light installation at milan design week 2012 image © designboom

in the ‘passing on project‘ installation for milan design week 2012, japanese architect makoto tanijiri of suppose design office partnered with lighting designer izumi okayasu and media producer yahoko sasao to create an interactive lighting experience in remembrance of the 2011 disasters in japan. visitors are invited to select a clear acrylic object from a pile of many pieces of different shapes and sizes, and to then enter a huge foil tent, where the ‘dock’ on which they stand is surrounded on three sides by a shallow pool of water. the instant that a participant touches his object to the surface of the water, the acrylic illuminates, glowing in his hand, because of the ways the material refracts LED lights being shone into the water.

the installation, whose concept the designers describe as ‘turn touch into delight‘ with the goal of ‘passing [something] on‘, was supported by toshiba. it is planned to tour various parts of the world, including japan.

video footage of the installation video © designboom

the installation’s designers reflect: ‘by placing acrylic in water, [people] will experience the moment that beautiful light is born, and sense the astonishment and joy of illuminating light. and the installation will constantly evolve with the participation of visitors.‘

suppose design office: light installation for toshiba visitors are first asked to select an acrylic object to place in the installation image © designboom

suppose design office: light installation for toshiba view of the installation space image © designboom

suppose design office: light installation for toshiba the glowing pieces placed by previous visitors become a kind of illuminate city amidst the water image © designboom

building-up process for a mock-up installation in tokyo, in preparation for the debut during milan design week

suppose design office: light installation for toshiba concept rendering of the installation

suppose design office: light installation for toshiba

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