located in australia, surf lakes is the world’s largest wave pool. equipped with 5 waves technology, the pool has been designed to potentially produce over 2,000 waves per hour, suitable for all skill levels and surf craft. this technology mimics the ocean ground swells, with waves coming in sets of two to six, and break over specially shaped reefs.

surf lakes world's largest wave pool designboom



the 5 waves technology at surf lakes works by creating concentric waves that radiate outwards from the central wave device. the waves break upon a variety of submerged reefs and shorelines. each reef is contoured differently to allow the wave energy to dissipate and therefore create waves which break at different speeds, shapes and sizes. up to ten separate waves can be generated from each pulse of the central wave device.




the pool has waves for all abilities: level 1 beginner — where people can learn to paddle, catch waves and stand up on soft boards; level 2 intermediate — features a gentle wave that’s easy to catch, ride and learn to do turns; level 3 advance — a slightly larger wave, with a steeper take-off and more critical sections for advanced turns as well as aerial maneuvers; level 4 expert — break starts with five second barrel, followed by a section for advanced turns and airs. suitable for training, competitions and events; level 5 pro — the break is a heavy slab, suitable for high level surfers and bodyboarders. the face height is over 2 meters, the largest of all their waves.

surf lakes world's largest wave pool designboom



‘the most difficult part about surfing is repetition. in sports you can get repetition through consistent rehearsal in an environment that’s stable. in surfing, you just never have got that before, until now. at 5 waves you can advance up through those levels and rankings of waves to more challenging conditions. you can practice and rehearse what you want to do and your rate of improvement will be higher.’



project info:


name: surf lakes

type: largest wave pool

location: australia