2019 is already here and with it, we’re sure we will start seeing many changes in the restaurant and retail industries. as robots continue to automate processes, today we present you with a machine that has been around the world for some time already that automates a traditional japanese handcrafted specialty: sushi. developed by suzumo, the sushirobo is a reliable and extremely consistent robot that can aid sushi makers around the world to craft their food in a surprisingly fast and accurate way.




located in brooklyn, BigEye sushi has implemented the use of machines that help its employees to make sushi in a faster and more convenient way. the fast-casual food joint, ran by rick horiike, gets assistance from the machines, accelerating the production process to approximately 300 sushi and 400 rolls per hour. the restaurant continues to use people to slice the fish by hand while the machines are responsible for putting together the sushi pieces and rolls once the ingredients are humanly selected.

sushi robot, this robot can roll high-quality, affordable sushi designboom
all images and video courtesy of sushirobo



the SVR-NXA roll sushi robot by suzumo can memorize three different kinds of rolls. the rice length, thickness and even density of the rice can be adjusted while rice sheets can be supplied continuously without the rolling process. when needed, a re-roll up function is available to make rolls tighter. featuring a convenient LCD touch panel, the machine is as international as it can be by supporting seven different languages which include english, spanish, french, german, korean, chinese and japanese. last but not least, it is easy to operate and to clean.

this restaurant in brooklyn gets help from machines to make sushi



‘since our development of the world’s first sushi robot in 1981, we have grown to be the largest manufacturer of sushi machines in the world both in sales, manpower, and the number of diverse variety of machines,’ says suzumo on its webpage. ‘producing high reliable machinery for small restaurants to large chain supermarkets, our efforts have earned us a high reputation and trust as a technologically cutting-edge firm.’




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name: sushirobo

webpage: https://www.sushirobo.com/