the ‘kizashi apex’ concept car by suzuki

drawing on its experience engineering both automotives and motorcycles, suzuki has just unveiled at the new york auto show its ‘kizashi apex’, a concept that adds the high engine performance and boost of the company’s superbike lines to a restyled ‘kizashi’ 4-seater sedan. the concept vehicle was produced alongside the ‘kizashi ecocharge’, a renovation designed for to increase the energy efficiency of the original ‘kizashi’.

suzuki: kizashi apex side view

suzuki: kizashi apex rear view

suzuki: kizashi apex three-quarters rear view

in the ‘apex’ concept, the 2.4L four-cylinder engine features a garrett turbocharger that increases the vehicle’s peak output to the range of 275-300HP, with a maximum boost of 8.5psi. an air-to-liquid intercooler reduces the overall size of the coolant system and in particular the required length of ducting, resulting in a faster throttle response and lower turbo lag so that peak boost is attained significantly faster than with a standard air-to-air system. dual exhaust pipes, and recalibrated electronic control unit and electronic boost control, further contribute to the vehicle’s high performance. the transmission for the prototype is a 6-speed manual, which the company indicates would be standard in any ultimate release of the vehicle.

suzuki: kizashi apex detail on wheel

featuring low LED foglights and high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps, the exterior of the ‘kizashi apex’ is based off of the superbike line from which it also borrows its performance specifications. the alloy wheels of the vehicle are encased by yokohama 19-inch tires that utilize a nanotech-engineered micro-fiber compound to maximize traction in wet and dry conditions.

suzuki: kizashi apex interior of the ‘kizashi apex’

the car’s interior, primarily cast in black leather, features blue alcantara accents on the bucket seats and steering wheel.

suzuki: kizashi apex the concept car features blue alcantara detailing on the steering wheel and seats