‘mighty deck’ concept by suzuki adds a versatile woodgrain trunk for outdoor fans 
all images courtesy of suzuki




for city dwellers who love the outdoors, the suzuki ‘mighty deck’ concept melds a woodgrain deck that can be used as a table or for carrying an assortment of gear. the rear seats can be flipped up to accommodated four people, or be folded down to create an extended space for long items. the deck can also be raised to form a storage space below. the interior intermixes warm, organic materials with next generation connective interface. the long horizontal panel spreads through the bottom of the windshield where it graphically displays map information, weather, and vehicle details. it also provides a link to social network services, letting passengers exchange statuses with friends.

suzuki-mighty-deck-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-02the ‘might deck’ seats four passengers  suzuki-mighty-deck-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-03the closed rear tailgate   suzuki-mighty-deck-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-04the wood dashboard  suzuki-mighty-deck-concept-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-05ideal for outdoor occassions