‘e-let’s’ by sanyo and suzuki motor corporation

sanyo in partnership with suzuki motor corporation has co-developed the ‘electric drive system’ for a new concept electric scooter called ‘e-let’s’. based on a petrol-engine scooter called the ‘let’s4 basket’, the new design combines a high performance in-wheel motor,  efficient control circuit, dedicated charger and a lithium-ion battery system for a regenerative electric bike. the battery is charged in about 4 hours from a standard 100V household outlet and gives a range of about 30 km.

suzuki will go into the development phase for a potential production model after the prototype is road-tested in japan.

suzuki + sanyo: e let's diagram of components

suzuki + sanyo: e let's suzuki’s ‘let’s5 basket’, the basis for the design of ‘e-let’s’

via akihabara