the landing, 2009

previously we wrote an article on french design aissa logerot who developed ‘halo’ an LED light spray. now, sweatshoppe has taken this LED technology to the streets on a different level. the collective made up of video artist bruno levy and blake shaw who are also multimedia performers, use video mapping techniques as a means of video painting onto walls through the use of a paint roller. the only catch is, the paint roller doesn’t actually paint anything onto the wall. instead it is made from green LEDs which work in conjunction with a camera next to a projector which is programmed with software that tracks its movements. the software then outputs the X-Y position of the roller projecting a textured video image of the strokes the duo are drawing on a wall. this interactive technology allows them to explore the relationship between video, mark making and architecture.

sweatshoppe: video painting

sweatshoppe: video painting effects of the LED roller and motion tracking software

SWEATSHOPPE, 4spots, the landing extras from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

via gizmodo