challenge the steepest slopes with the swincar spider electric vehicle
all images courtesy of swincar





the swincar ‘spider electric 2’ is a vehicle with exceptional road capabilities whose only comparison could be some ATVs. made of machined aluminum, the frictionless swaying is helped by sealed bearings that pivot crossbeams of the chassis. the concept utilizes a fully independent suspension to a whole new level, that incorporates the tilting of the driver’s cell to keep its center gravity adaptable to the surrounding terrain. this kinematic exchange allow for inclination during turns, correcting tilt at the most extreme slopes. 

swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-02the car utilizes a four-wheel independent suspension




each wheel, with its own turning axle, is powered by an 1.5 watt electric motor that thrusts the car in motion at all times. with 4kWh lithium batteries onboard and recharging engine braking, the swingcar ‘spider electric 2’ have climb hills for four hours, and then recharging when descending downhill. the french team at swincar have already fully developed the concept, and plan to bring it to production at the end of 2015. ‘merci beaucoup’ for thinking really outside the box on this project. 

swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-03made of machined aluminum beams


video courtesy of mecanroc


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-04each wheel powered by an electric motor


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-05the system displaces the center of gravity accordingly 


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-06all the traverse very difficult slopes


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-07controlled by pedals and a steering wheel 


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-08electric batteries take only two hours


swincar-spider-electric-2-designboom-09can travel up to 40 km/h