hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric

hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric

london-based startup swytch technology unveils a hand-held conversion kit capable of transforming any regular bicycle into a state-of-the-art ebike with up to 40 miles electric range. the swytch kit replaces the stock front wheel with a motor wheel and features a quick-release controller that slots onto a bracket fixed in between the handlebars of the bike.

hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric

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it provides 250w of power with an advanced lithium battery that boasts 40 miles range and a top speed of 15mph (20mph in the US). there is also a 40 mile version. a speed sensor which users can attach to the pedal to detect forward rotation and activate the motor of the bike, instead of using a twist or thumb throttle on the main controller.


‘our mission is to make top-quality electric bike technology affordable for everyone. we went to great lengths to design the product to be affordable, easy to fit, and universally compatible,’ explains swytch. ‘we estimate 99% of the 1 billion bicycles in the world could be converted with swytch. doing so, instead of building brand new ebikes, could save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, as well as saving our customers a lot of money.’

hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric



‘the average bicycle requires 200kg co2e emissions to make (often referred to as embodied co2e),’ it adds. ‘the average electric bike requires 400kg of co2e. the swych kit requires less than 40kg c02e to produce, making it 10x more environmentally friendly (approx 90% lower emissions) than making new ebikes.’


‘in 2017 the company raised over $500,000 on indiegogo from over 1,000 customers to develop and manufacture the original swytch kit, which is currently available to order on the swytch bike website. the new kit that is 50% lighter (3kg power pack down to 1.5kg) and 70% smaller (shrunk from car-battery size, to palm-sized) than the original.’

hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric



the swytch kit is easy to fit, and instantly removable, allowing customers to keep their existing bike. price will be announced when the new product is launched in late september 2019 via product crowd-funding site indiegogo. it is making its official debut during the 2019 eurobike international cycling trade show in friedrichshafen, germany.

hand-held 'swytch kit' turns regular bikes into electric



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product: swytch kit

  • I love the product but It looks silly to the eye mounted on the handle bars. Do you have plans to make a sportier version that mounts in the frame? Is that even possible at this point? Perhaps it could be stored in a rugged frame bag you could put patches on.

  • Nice one – but afaik not the first of it’s kind, isn’t it? Nevertheless, if it’s affordable…I’d go for one because we struggle to buy a new ebike and dump the old ones as they are still running fine.
    Would it be possible to power a trailer with it? We have a single wheel trailer just for shopping and we would like to switch the bikes to pull it. This would be a great compensation of the weight.

  • I have the larger 50 mile battery version its great and easy to fit, how much would an additional new smaller 40 mile battery cost please if its compatibl

    stephen grice
  • Do you people read the whole article before posting?I stop to read an article about the advancement of electric bikes, specifically one that may make it easier for more people to get into it and I end up reading waaa waaa, poor me it doesn’t meet all my needs comments. Do more research, there are bikes out there that have what each of you is complaining about. “Sitting around waiting for the world to change” to meet your needs is going to be a long wait….I appreciate the article as I gather knowledge about the fast swing towards electric bikes and the advantages they will provide for many that can’t enjoy a bike ride on their own, or will provide a cheap transportation solution. Move along buttercup, and look in the mirror today, that person is holding you back, don’t let them

    Ken Adams
  • It’s the FRONT wheel not the rear that is replaced. Much easier to do. So it will work with almost any bike. Just like the Solex gas motor that I had many years ago that attached to the front and rubbed the front wheel to power the bike. It is not the most efficient or fastest or best. But it definitely is the cheapest way to go. And you don’t need to purchase a new bike or even a new tire for the front wheel. Cost? Less than $500 for the smaller battery

    Roger Cohn
  • It’s about time DUDS!!!!!!

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