bowlingual dog collar by takara tomy

if you are a dog owner, you have perhaps wondered what your dog was trying to communicate with all that barking. well, some engineers believe they have found a way to translate dog speak into human speak. the bowlingual dog collar developed by the japanese company takara tomy claims to translate your dog’s feelings into words you can understand. the collar can tell you if your dog is sad, happy, frustrated, needy and alert you to danger. unfortunately the product is only available in japan, so if you don’t speak japanese you will need a translator for your translator.

on a more practical note, there is also a talking dog collar that uses an audio recording in place of metal dog tags. the collar allows people to find out to whom the dog belongs by pressing a button and listening to the recording made by the owner. if that wasn’t enough, the collar does double duty as a flea repellant.talking dog collarsbowlingual dog collar by takara tomy

talking dog collarsbowlingual dog collar by takara tomy

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