designed to smoothly transport people over rough terrain, tarus 2×2 motorcycle is a folding bike with two-wheel drive technology. outfitted with a honda GX-210 four stroke engine that delivers power to both front and back wheels for pushing and pulling power over muddy banks and ploughing through narrow gorges. with a modest 7 horsepower and top speed of 22 miles per hour it will not perform on the racetrack, but thanks to its light weight (192 pounds) and bulbous balloon tires, this amphibious bike can float across rivers just as easily as it can ride it downhill. 



video courtesy of alexey l.




additionally, the rugged rider has the capability to be dismantled with ease, then folded down in to the boot of a car or suitcase for transportation over long distances. the tarus is currently only available in russia where it is being produced and has strictly been designed for off-road use — it is not road legal. off-road enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the company plans to retail the bike internationally in the future.

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