teague creates concept airline unhindered by the status quo of flying
all images courtesy of teague





the airline industry’s current trajectory of taking more and giving less is increasing the amount of dissatisfied passengers all around the world. teague believes this is the perfect time for disruptive innovations similar to uber and airbnb, to question airline status quo. through the exercise of prototyping, the design firm sought to illuminate news ways forward and created ‘poppi’. 

teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-02 skyline filled sunroof




like any startup, ‘poppi’ began with a small set of company principles to motivate everything the airline would do. the 777 aircraft would feature a sunroof ceiling and undersized overhead bins that only hold personal items, such as computer bags and jackets. all luggage would be checked with RFID enabled tags to assure passengers where their bags are. the airline makes up for lost checked-bag fees through premium pricing that includes point-to-point delivery to hotels, transit lockers, parking facilities and even car trunks. the airplane would also include self-service machines that would offer food and drink options throughout the duration of the flight.  

teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-03 the airline would offer a rebranding of the dreaded middle seat 




geared toward the specific needs of frequent business travelers, ‘poppi’s’ click class is centered on a bag design that clicks into seats, providing grab-and-go convenience and reconsiders traditional cabin zoning. teague would eliminate the widely-used tier system with a more imaginative approach, by designing around experience versus space. a ‘cinema class’ would offer exclusive content to passengers as well as partnership opportunities for film and TV production companies. teague also re-evaluated the dreaded middle seat with a promotional setup that offers brands a touch point that participates in the cabin experience with something special to the middle-seat passenger. 

the overhead bins would restrict passengers from bring in oversized baggage into the cabin 




as resale websites are getting more and more popular, teague’s ‘poppi’ airline would embrace it by creating a secondary platform where buyers and sellers can seat swap through a internet-based application. they also completely rethought the gate experience by getting rid of the bad behavior of ‘gate lurking’ by providing real-time information at the gate and via mobile devices. the whole experience would improve boarding times, increase profits and change the way the world is flying for both passengers and airline crews.

teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-05 the ‘click class’ centered around a redesigned luggage size teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-06 the self-service food and drink machine teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-07 the tier classes are replaced with ‘experience classes’ teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-08 the redesigned gate experience teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-09 the baggage drop-off area teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-10 the airline would offer premium baggage delivery service teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-11 the ‘poppi’ branding teague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-12 real-time information via a mobile deviceteague-poppi-future-airline-concept-designboom-13 a reselling platform for passengers to swap seats