panasonic has unveiled the technics SP-10R, a direct-drive turntable, at IFA 2017 in berlin. the development prototype features the world’s top level S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio and rotational stability. also at IFA this year, panasonic revealed the smart hi-fi speaker, challenging smart devices such as amazon ‘echo’ and google ‘home’.

technics SP-10R
the device features high-quality brass and aluminum finishes



the ‘technics SP-10R’ — debuted at IFA 2017 — will be further developed for its official market launch in the summer of 2018. the top-level technology includes an innovative coreless direct-drive motor system, which produces more than twice the rotational force of previous models.

technics SP-10R
the technics SP-10R turntable combines analogue and digital technology



panasonic hopes to satisfy the growing demand for analogue records, combining analogue and cutting-edge digital technology. notable features includes a sturdy platter built from brass and aluminium and an ultra-low-noise power supply which ensures the purest sound from the turntable