‘F1 training machine’ by technogymimage courtesy of technogym



with a device that combines G-force with vibrations, the formula 1 training machine by italian exercise company technogym allows athletes to train in realistic racing conditions by reproducing the high-impact stress imposed on the arms and neck inside the cockpit. this is particularly essential with the neck – which needs to support the head and the helmet under immense loads – along with the shoulders, chest and arms. designed exclusively for the sport, the workout system enables targeted training of specific muscle groups that are used during competition-line race car driving.



technogym: formula 1 training machine

F1 world champion fernando alonso using the technogym training machineimage courtesy technogym / ferrari



the training machine uses a mechanism based on elastic force that allows athletes to train in four different directions. by connecting front and rear cables to the driver’s helmet, the system produces angular resistance similar to that of a car’s rapid acceleration and deceleration. side fasteners allow neck muscle training; a unique strengthening that helps drivers counteract the effects of centrifugal forces.



technogym: formula 1 training machine

centrifugal neck machineimage courtesy technogym



for forearm training, the steering wheel of the machine replicates a nominal load of 25kg; weight stacks are 2.5kg each. it is also fitted with a mechanism that combines the force of weight with a vibration device thereby imitating the intense and constant vibrations that occur on the race track.



technogym: formula 1 training machine

steering wheel system image courtesy technogym



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