techrules’ hybrid air turbine drivetrain concept maximizes electric range to 2,000 km
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chinese based research and development company techrules introduce their first electric vehicle to the market – the ‘TREV’. the name, which stands for ‘turbine-recharging electric vehicle’ promises to deliver unprecedented range and efficiency with a hybrid powertrain system that uses a turbine-generator. 

the techrules ‘TREV’ at the 2016 geneva motor show
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the concept uses a micro-turbine to generate electricity that charges the onboard battery packs, which then power the motors. air drawn into the mirco turbine is passed through a heat exchanger where heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the cold intake after it has been compressed. ignition of the compressed and heated fuel-air mixture generates energy which is channelled to at very high speeds to the turn turbine. the hot exhaust gas is ejected, it passes through the heat exchanger to ensure the heat is recovered and transferred again to the cold intake air. 

the car is formed around a carbon fiber monocoque 
image courtesy of techrules




initial numbers look impressive with a peak power output of 768 kW and a range of over 2,000 kilometers. ‘the TREV system is a perfect combination of micro turbine and electric vehicle technologies,’ says william jin, founder and CEO. ‘it is highly efficient, produces very low emissions and provides an optimal charging solution for electric vehicles. we believe it may redefine how the next generation of electric vehicles is powered.’

the ‘TREV’ concept weighs 1,380 kilograms 
image courtesy of techrules




at the 2016 geneva motor show, techrules showcased the concepts with two models – the ‘AT96’ and ‘GT96’. each design offers an alternative configuration of the ‘TREV’ system that might enter production in china. 

the concept can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds 
image courtesy of techrules

the rear wing 
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the inside interior
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the air turbine system 
image courtesy of techrules