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tesla owners who want to sleep in their cars can unfold snuuzu’s self-inflating hotel bed

Sleeping in tesla cars with snuuzu’s inflatable hotel bed


A premium mattress and a flat surface to sleep on: this is how the car mattress company Snuuzu introduces its inflatable ‘hotel bed’ for Tesla car models Y and 3. This bed is packed within a duffel bag, so the users can bring it anywhere or when they go camping. The travelers fold the rear seats down and unzip the duffel bag. They roll the flat mattress to the back of the car and reposition it so that its upper part is just right behind the front seats. Once the bed is in the right position, they pop open the lid located on the upper part of the bed and press the button that automatically inflates (or deflates) the mattress. When all is set, the travelers can lay down.

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
image and video still courtesy of Snuuzu



surface-flattening technology straightens the mattress


Snuuzu’s inflatable hotel bed for Tesla cars are composed of multi-layer mattresses: an organic top, cushiony foam, and the company’s patent-pending surface flattening technology. The latter stabilizes the surface the travelers sleep on. Because the passengers’ seats are folded, the bump may affect the mattress and arch the backs of the travelers. To avoid this, Snuuzu’s surface-flattening layer, the bottom part of the bed, follows the curves and slopes of any surface it is on. It adjusts itself accordingly and keeps the upper layer of the mattress straight and unaffected, making the travelers feel as if they were laying down on an even surface.

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
Snuuzu’s inflatable hotel bed for Tesla cars are composed of multi-layer mattresses



inflatable hotel bed that fits the seats’ edge of Tesla cars


Snuuzu engineers its inflatable hotel bed to reach over the edge of the seats of the Tesla cars. In this way, the mattress remains stiff and in form on its own, even if the travelers lean on them. The bed has buttons that can either inflate or deflate itself to cater to the personal preferences of the travelers. When it is time to hit the road again, the travelers just deflate the bed, pack it back into its duffel bag skin, and stash the portable bed into the sub-trunk of their Tesla car. Snuuzu worked with German and Dutch mattress manufacturers for the prototype of their inflatable hotel bed, an idea that was born in 2016 by its founders Per Tegel, Omar Tegel, and Djai Bereiter. 

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
Snuuzu’s inflatable bed fits the Tesla cars’ trunk and rear seat space



Tesla owners in Silicon Valley have given their thumbs up to Snuuzu for their inflatable hotel bed. So far, only Tesla Model Y and Model 3 can accommodate the design of the mattress, but Snuuzu may be looking into expanding the range in the future. As of publishing the story, the campaign for the inflatable hotel bed is now live, and Tesla car owners may receive their orders in December 2024. Inside the box they will get, they may find the bed, an internal pump, a USB-C charging cable, and the optional two pillows. Since the bed can inflate itself, it needs to be charged. The full battery can be achieved in four hours, while 30 minutes of charging can give them a single-inflation use.

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
view of the Tesla car with Snuuzu’s inflatable hotel bed

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
the inflatable hotel bed can accommodate two people

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
travelers pack the bed back into its duffel bag skin and stash it into the sub-trunk of their Tesla car

inflatable hotel beds tesla cars snuuzu
Snuuzu’s inflatable hotel bed for Tesla cars may be suitable for travelers who want to sleep on the road


the internal pump is rechargeable using the included USB-C cable

inflatable hotel beds mattress tesla cars snuuzu
view of the inflated Snuuzu hotel mattress for Tesla Models Y and 3

inflatable hotel beds mattress tesla cars snuuzu
the two pillows can be included too


Snuuzu begins shipping the first batch in December 2024

project info:


name: Tesla-tailored mattress

company: Snuuzu

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