from minivans to camping add-ons, creatives are continuously dreaming up new iterations of the tesla cybertruck even before the electric pickup has officially hit the road. however, one rather smaller request from potential customers, especially in comparison to the lunar rover concept, is for different body color options. previously elon musk has been particularly tight lipped about whether its unique, eye-catching natural steel exterior can be dressed in alternative shades, but in a new tweet, the creator has hinted that heat-treated colors might be possible. watch out for tesla cybertrucks in heated colors like blue, red and yellow soon!

tesla cybertruck's steel body can be heated to spectrum of colors
all images courtesy of tesla, edit by designboom



on sunday july 26th, CEO elon musk confirmed in a tweet that wrapping the car’s exposed steel body in different colors – like a white coating – was impossible. however, afterwards, he did confirm the surface of the tesla cybertruck could be changed using heated colors. this alternative uses different temperatures to affect the metal’s chemical coloring, creating a spectrum of color possibilities from yellow to red and blue.


it is still unclear from musk’s tweets whether the color modifications would be an aftermarket job or whether tesla could offer it themselves. we hope to hear more as the cybertruck edges closer to production – currently slated to hit the market in late 2021. see the full tweets and replies below.







project info:


brand: tesla

model: cybertruck

market date: late 2021