tesla has introduced a new feature to its electric cars called ‘dog mode’. the pet-friendly update is intended to keep animals, which have been left unattended in the vehicle, safe and comfortable.




‘dog mode’ keeps climate control on while the car is parked, displaying the temperature on the car’s internal screen. in a bid to prevent any good samaritans from breaking in to save your dog, a message is also displayed informing people that the ‘owner will be back soon.’ if the car’s battery drops below 20 percent while in dog mode then it will send a notification to your phone. to enable ‘dog mode,’ owners will tap on a fan icon at the bottom of the touch screen.




the automaker also revealed sentry mode, designed to add another layer of protection to the car. sentry mode works by continously monitoring your car’s surroundings while it is locked and parked. in a blog post detailing sentry mode, tesla explained it uses the car’s external cameras to watch for potential threats. if it’s in standby, the cameras are watching, ready to go into an ‘alert’ state if someone does something like leaning against the car or tried to break in. the car then pops up a message on its touchscreen saying that the cameras are recording.