immerse yourself in tesla’s berlin gigafactory


Tesla was born with an eye toward the future, and the company welcomes the opportunity to showcase this from nearly every aspect. From the smallest details of its tech-infused cars all the way up to its systems of manufacturing, the brand wants the world to know that it stands at the industry’s forefront. 


Now, the giant has released a video tour of its ‘Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg’ filmed with an FPV drone, demonstrating the process of creating its Model Y cars. Even in presenting its factory, Tesla must stand at the tech forefront. This ‘first person view’ is the result of the most groundbreaking drone technologies to date, which sees the pilot equipped with an immersive headset showing the live stream camera feed from the drones (see designboom’s coverage of FPV drones here).




the journey of an fpv drone


The Tesla (see more here) Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is located in Berlin, and has just opened last week. The massive space stands as a 4,680 cell production building and is expected to manufacture up to of 500,000 cars and millions of battery cells each year.


The FPV drone tour begins outside the Tesla Gigafactory, where hundreds of black Model Y vehicles are showcased. We soon enter the factory with a sweeping flourish, and maneuver through massive stamping presses making hoods, doors, and other parts. The unnamed pilot skillfully scoots through tight spaces and smoothly ducks between moving equipment to give the viewer a dynamic perspective of the factory in motion.