tesla model S now in productionimages courtesy of tesla motors



originally debuted at the 2009 geneva auto show, california based tesla motors has finally begun to ship the ‘model S’ to its first customers. amidst skepticism about how electric technology will perform, the ‘model S’ is designed to accomodate the everyday driver, offering a full-size 5-seater sedan and extended driving range.


with up to 300 miles of driving on a full charge in its lithium-ion battery, the vehicle allows for traveling longer distances than current electric models. the sedan comes standard with adaptors for most common outlets and public charging stations, where charging can take between 30 minutes on to 5 hours for a full battery. as a fully electric vehicle, the ‘model S’ outputs zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere, creating a sustainable option for future transportation.

tesla model S now in production‘model S’ on the road


tesla model S now in productionfront detailimage © tesla motor events


tesla model S now in productionfrom left to right: black roof, colored rood, all glass panoramic roof




its optional all glass panoramic roof opens wide to create convertible like driving experience. when closed it blocks 98% of light and 81% for a comfortable cabin ride. the interior is outfitted with a huge 17 inch touchscreen display that integrates media, navigation, cabin controls and vehicle data through an android operating system. 

tesla model S now in production17 inch entertainment system


tesla model S now in productioninterior


tesla model S now in production
aluminum frame construction of the ‘tesla model S’

tesla model S now in productionframe after paint coating


tesla model S now in productionassembly line in california



video of the manufcturing process behind the electric ‘tesla model S’


model S signature specs

estimated range: 300 miles 0-60mph (0-100km/h): 5.6 seconds top speed: 125 mph (202km/h) horsepower: 362 hp (270 kW) at 6,000-9,500 rpm torque: 325 lb-ft (440 Nm) at 0-5,800 rpm energy storage: 85 kWh