tesla wants to power the house with advanced batteries
all images courtesy of tesla




elon musk wants to change the world’s power grid. tesla is expanding into a energy innovation company named ‘tesla energy’. in a presentation, musk revealed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery called the ‘tesla powerwall’. built for residential levels of consumption, the power source is designed as a hub to harness solar generation, store, and run the home electricity system. 





the slim ‘powerwall’ does not look like a tradition square battery block, hiding the wires and is able to be wall mounted outside or inside. it incorporates the battery packs, liquid thermal control system and software that communicates to the solar unit. ‘powerwall’ comes in two models, 10kWh or 7kWh depending on daily use or backup applications. coupled with solar panels, the tesla product can become a backup when sunlight is unavailable and is capable of surviving completely disconnected from the grid. 

tesla wants to power your house with batteries   



tesla’s pricing the units at $3500 for 10kWh and $3000 for 7kWh, and are planning to be built in the united states factories with deliveries beginning in the late summer. ’tesla energy’ plans to extend to germany and australia by the end of 2015.


detailed presentation of elon musk and ‘tesla energy’ 



the tesla ‘powerwall’ is a INDEX: design award 2015 finalist.


INDEX: design to improve life was created by denmark in 2002, with values and principles focusing on humanism, social understanding and democratic thinking. the nonprofit organization promotes the application of design and processes that improve vital areas of people’s lives worldwide by inspiring, educating and engaging.