the tesla t1 concept is a new electric competitor designed for the le mans race 2030. the vehicle concept looks into future technologies, working the design around wind advantages in order to earn energy and increased acceleration. dreamed up by five IED barcelona students as part of what could be ‘the future of le mans,’ the tesla t1 concept is based on the gorlov verticle wind turbine concept. the designers have incorporated individual turbines into each of the four wheels, which in turn direct the air through ducts into a fifth and final turbine at the back of the vehicle. as well as enabling the machine to run on renewable wind-generated energy, the turbines boost the t1 forward with increased acceleration and power. designer omar alfarra zendah has released new design images, showing a polished of the model.




the t1 model incorporates batteries to start up the car before the wind power gets going, and the vehicle also packs a engine modulus to provide traction. each of the turbines are 3d printed from aerogel, enclosed between high strength magnesium wheels and graphene tires. a so-called ‘dynamic axis system’ allows the tesla t1 to turn from the centre of both axis, giving the model an advantageous ability to turn curves faster and more effectively that its competitors. since both of the axis turn, the wheebase shortens, making the vehicle far more agile.