experience different destinations in the climate room by studioNOC 
all images courtesy of dennis erixon





need to how cold it is at your next destination, or how hot? the climate portal at stockholm’s arlanda airport is connected to online weather services where data is transformed into a physical experience. studioNOC looked to old british science fiction television programs to adapted and come up with an original room that blends advanced sound and image technology, as well as wind and temperature simulations for users to preview destinations. 


video courtesy of swedavia



‘the initial thoughts regarding a portal, made us look into 60s-70s sci-fi aesthetics,’ describes partner and director of concepts dev malhotra. ’however it became more apparent, as the process progressed, that a sleeker, cleaner more contemporary design was the route to go, knowing the area of installation was a high-tech airport. conceptually we wanted the audience to experience an illusion, like optic camouflage using reflective material projecting the surrounding area. this also made it possible to conceal the weather experience and create an element of surprise.  almost like they didn’t know the portal existed until they were in it.’ enjoy the experience of the climate portal, located in terminal five of stockholm’s arlanda airport.