the sharp aquos crystal’s screen offers boundless user interactivity
images courtesy of sprint and sharp




the sharp ‘aquos crystal’ phone features a 5 inch high resolution, edge-to-edge display that offers a ‘borderless’ user interactive experience. the 131 x 67 x 10mm frameless LCD screen cell weighs 141g (4.97oz) and incorporates harman/kardon technologies to its livestage audio system in order to add dimension to the sound and to provide a more lifelike headphone listening reality. the mobile also includes clari-fi technology which improves digital sound display by restoring all types of compressed music, and makes phone conversations clearer – even in loud environments – thanks to the built-in direct wave receiver.


the ‘aquos crystal’ offers technology without bounds
video courtesy of sprint



the integrated camera has a night catch quality that brightens both the subject and the background in order to make dark shots easier to capture and clearer to visualize. it includes a framing advisor that compresses and structures your photograph instinctively and can catch rapid movement with one simple button hold by using the sequential shots feature. as well, the shutter detect automatically snaps a picture when it distinguishes a smile and stores all these memories on the built-in 8GB (ROM) and 1.5gb (RAM) internal memory. the edgeless display cell, which is being sold in japan and by sprint in the USA, can have its storage capabilities upgraded to 128GB through the microSD card slot. the phone design allows the user to view videos, pictures and TV on a boundless screen and interact seamlessly with others. 



the phone offers the user an edgeless experience