with the wave ring, users can play music in mid-air as if by magic, adding another layer of creative control instrumentally. designed by genki, the wearable MIDI controller lets you control sound, shape effects and send commands with the motion of your hand.

genki's wave ring lets you control sound and make music with your finger at designmarch

all images courtesy of genki instruments



for designboom, gioia sawaya visited designmarch, iceland’s annual design festival, learning that wave has been in development for the past three years in close collaboration with musicians. it works by setting sounds and functions to particular gestures meaning a waggle of the finger or wave of a hand could turn audio up or down, or determine the strength of an audio effect (say some britney spears-esque autotune for example).

the wave ring lets you control sound with your finger



the tech can be connected various instruments including keyboards and guitars as well as pairing to you computer or smart device with bluetooth LE working with all major music software and apps. the wave is priced at $200, is available $129 for early birds and has already raised $50,465 on indiegogo so far.


the wave ring lets you control sound with your finger


designmarch is iceland’s annual design festival showcasing the best of local design, fashion, furniture and architecture alongside international designers. organized by the iceland design center, the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with more than 100 events including design talks, lectures and exhibitions.