‘joystick-it’ by thinkgeek

thinkgeek‘s aluminum ‘joystick-it‘ adapts for tablet use not only the precision and speed but also the nostalgia of joystick gaming.

the product works with any game that features an on-screen directional control pad (such as up and down arrows). the joystick is simply pressed onto the screen over the control pad, and the conductive foam in its base registers the user’s joysticks movements to the tablet.

thinkgeek: joystick it detail view of the device

usable on any device with a capacitive touchscreen, ‘joystick-it’ is easily removable and repositionable, using a suction cup to stick to the screen without causing any damage.

thinkgeek: joystick it ‘joystick-it’ works with any game that uses an on-screen control pad

demo of the device in use