‘timber tower’ wooden wind turbine



with a tower height of 100m, german company timber tower has erected a wooden 1.5-MW wind turbine in hannover made with FSC certified lumber. conceived as a linked system of glued laminated timber panels and surface elements, the construction of the framework is manufactured off-site and transported in standard 40 ft container loads for on-site assembly into a closed, hollow body with hexagonal, octagonal or dodecagonal cross sections.


as fasteners are integrated in the tower’s individual components, the construction of the post occurs quickly and smoothly. depending on the ground properties, a foundation is created as a flat or deep relief, eliminating the need for base mounting components and saves approximately 300 tons of sheet metal in comparison to other conventional turbines.



timbertower   world's first wooden wind turbine

from left to right: erected ‘timber tower’, construction of the timber frame



timbertower   world's first wooden wind turbine

turbine construction and assembly