play thousands of virtual instruments through pulse music controller
all images courtesy of titan reality




the titan reality ‘pulse’ is a virtual reality music controller with a platform that allows musicians to play thousands of virtual instruments through a unique 3D sensor. users can accurately control any type of instrument and sounds from one device, allowing for dynamic levels of creativity. the 3D sensor can recognize and analyze movements instantly, both in its surface and in the area above it. ‘pulse’ can even recognize natural hand gestures and objects to navigate, scratch vinyl and bend sounds. 


the campaign film
video courtesy of titan reality 



to work alongside the instrument, titan reality developed a technique to digitize any musical instrument, electronic sound, and venue acoustics. to access the vast database, the company launched ‘explore’, a digital platform that brings the simplicity of cloud distribution to music makers. it allows users to browse, listen, choose and download any team instantly. with it’s infinite possibilities, the titan reality ‘pulse’ is a new gateway to the online music world. the 3D virtual reality music controller is on kickstarter to step up full-scale manufacturing. 

titan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-02the controller’s sensor detects many types of touchestitan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-03the LEDs offer visible feedback when usedtitan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-04the ‘pulse’ wirelessly connects to mobile devices  titan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-06the ‘pulse’ would a great addition to any music studio  titan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-07it can be added to a drum set  titan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-08the ‘explore’ platform changes for specific instruments   titan-reality-pulse-instrument-interface-designboom-10the device includes an LED ring