‘kisai on air’ by tokyoflash japan

tokyo-based designers tokyoflash japan, known for their artistic timepieces, have created the sleek and simplistic ‘kisai on air’ watch. the timepiece features a colored LCD display with touch screen technology featuring the time, alarm, and date.

the piece may have either black or silver bands, formed from brushed stainless steel. the four ‘kisai on air’ LCD display colors include natural (blue when illuminated), green, red, and gold (orange when illuminated). the digital numbers extending from the center of the watch face delineate the hour, while the digits which comprise this line display the minutes in the hour. the intuitive touch screen display has four hot-zones featured in the top, bottom, left, right of the circular face. to change the time, date, or alarm modes, one must hold his/her finger in place for a few moments in order to customize the ‘kisai on air’ options.

tokyoflash kisai on air watch black wrist band with gold LCD screen glowing orange when illuminated, showing 8:48

tokyoflash kisai on air watch silver banded watch with red and natural LCD

tokyoflash kisai on air watch silver with red LCD

tokyoflash kisai on air watch diagram showing how to read the time

tokyoflash kisai on air watch black with red LCD screens showing 11:26

tokyoflash kisai on air watch date mode, showing may 8

film explanation of ‘kisai on air’

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