TOP 10 boats and watercrafts of 2014
TOP 10 boats and watercrafts of 2014




from ocean cruisers to surfboards, 2014 has been packed with new boats and watercrafts that have embraced innovative technologies to create redesigned forms of transport and even new sports. designboom’s trip to the 2014 monaco yacht show was a key event which showcased the modern possibilities of luxury transit and recreational activities, by displaying personal submarines, 100m private vessels and speedboats. continuing our annual review of the year’s BIG stories, we highlight the multiple boat and watercraft projects that have grabbed our attention over the past 12 months.







j’ade by CRN mega yachts

image courtesy of CRN mega yachts




designboom visited the 2014 monaco yacht show where the CRN mega yachts ‘j’ade’ 60m vessel was a finalist in the interior design award category. the ship was designed to feel at one with the sea as it boasts the first floating garage that enables the owner to store and easily access the 8 meter riva iseo speedboat without the use for a tender lift. the hydraulic operated flooded bay can dry out in three minutes and can also be transformed into an ocean pool that is accessed by the beach club terrace.







electric hydrofoiling watercraft by quadrofoil

image courtesy of quadrofoil




the ‘quadrofoil‘ is an electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft which takes recreational marine transportation to a new level of environmental friendliness. its custom developed outboard motor propulsion enables driving that is several times more efficient than other water-vehicles on the market, by lifting it above the surface to minimize drag. the vessel which can be fully charged in under two hours, provides a new and thrilling water experience thanks to its top speed of 40 km/h (21 knots) and range of up to 100km.







c-explorer 3 submarine by u-boat worx

image courtesy of u-boat worx




the ‘c-explorer 3′ by u-boat worx, has a 360° fully acrylic pressure hull that provides an unparalleled experience to its one pilot and two passengers. the scientific submarine has a three liter mission oxygen capacity that enables operational times of up to 16 hours – at a maximum depth of 3,300 feet/1,000 meters. this, as well as its tools which include HD cameras, lights and a manipulator arm, creates a reliable, economic and versatile work platform for research, exploration, maintenance and archaeology.







alen 68 by foster + partners and alen yacht

norman foster and partners alen 68 motor yacht designboom
image courtesy of foster + partners




working alongside high-end turkish boat manufacturers alen yacht, foster + partners unveiled a 68-foot motor yacht capable of speeds of up to 45 knots. the fast and agile vessel – named ‘alen 68′ – boasts a streamlined form providing 20 percent more volume than comparable yachts thanks to a flexible internal pod system. unlike typical boat fittings, the furniture does not touch the inside of the hull, but traces the contours of its white leather walls.







electric powered wakeboard by radinn

image courtesy of radinn




the ‘radinn’, an electric powered, carbon fiber wakeboard enables riders to fly across the water with the help of the energy-triggering wireless handcontrol. the lightweight watersport equipment turns just like a conventional wakeboard but thanks to the introduction of electricity, it empowers a more exciting user experience.







quantum of the seas by royal caribbean

image courtesy of royal caribbean international




the royal caribbean ‘quantum of the seas’ smartship sailed the cruise industry into the 21st century with a wave of unprecedented firsts for technology and at-sea features. presenting what the modern age of cruising looks like, the vessel features two robotic bartenders; B1-0 and N1-C, whose movements are patterned to the america ballet theater’s principal dancer, roberto bolle. powered by carlo ratti’s makr shakr, these bionic arms muddle, stir, shake and strain to create an almost endless amount of cocktail combinations which are then brought over to the guests’ table by a human waiter.







X1 water bike by schiller sport inc.

image courtesy of schiller sport inc.




the schiller sport inc. ‘X1 water bike’, a further development of the ‘baycycle‘, created a new form of the sport – water-cycling – by attaching a bicycle onto an inflated base. its twin oscillating propellers are controlled by a rudderless handlebar steering system that allows the rider to turn left, right and in reverse – a feat achieved by only a few velocipedes. an exhilarating and dynamic, yet safe experience is produced as speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 mph) can be reached.







nemo room by yacht intelligence, ken freivokh design, genesis technologies and IMAX

image courtesy of yacht intelligence and ken freivokh design




yacht intelligence, ken freivokh design, genesis technologies and IMAX collaborated to develop the ‘nemo room’, a private theater that is a first for on-board superyacht cinema experience. the auditorium is not only used to watch current blockbuster releases but is used to project live underwater CCTV images from outside the yacht onto the walls inside. by also showing blu-ray, live streams, gaming and video conference calls, it is designed to entertain the owner’s family and guests in many ways.







chopi chopi by CRN mega yachts

image courtesy of CRN mega yachts




the 80m CRN mega yachts ‘chopi chopi’, the largest ship ever built in the ferretti group brand’s 50 year history, won the ‘most achieved trophy’ at this year’s world yacht trophy. organized by lux media group, the event celebrates the most prestigious mega-yachts in the world, which made for an ideal setting for the boat’s grand showcase of italian quality. created in collaboration with studio zuccon international project for the exterior profile, and architect laura sessa for the interior design, its unique form and quality highlights spectacular volumes and open spaces.







super yacht concepts by vasily klyukin

vasily klyukin super yahts
image courtesy of vasily klyukin




vasily klyukin conceived six completely unique yacht concepts for the bold and adventurous luxury traveler. instantly recognizable, the boats’ aesthetic influences range from visual sources such as massive metropolises, animals and artists, all of which are conceived to be striking, one-of-a-kind super-cruisers. industrial details made from metal and glass, vibrant primary colors and a brilliant expanse of lights define the motifs and themes of the vehicles which are decorated and fashioned to stand out at sea.







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