toshiba nuclear emegency robotimage © AP/ itsuo inouye



japanese electronics company toshiba has developed a robot capable of withstanding high radiation and working in nuclear environments, otherwise off limits to humans. designed in an effort to decomission japan’s crippled fukushima dai-ichi nuclear plant, the four-legged wirelessly controlled device can climb over debris and stairs, navigating around rugged and difficult terrain.


outfitted with six cameras and a dosimeter to measure radiation, the 143 pound robot is controlled via remote control, where emergency workers can observe damages from nuclear disasters from safe distances. a small ‘camera-equipped platform’ vehicle can also be deployed from its base to take photos in narrow, hard-to-reach areas.



toshiba nuclear emergency robot

toshiba nuclear emergency robot climbing stairsimage © AP/ itsuo inouye




toshiba nuclear emergency robot

side view climbing down stairsimage © AP/ itsuo inouye




toshiba nuclear emergency robot

engineers assisting the trial robotimage © AP/ itsuo inouye



new robot could help japan’s nuke disaster video courtesy of the associated press